Monday, 22 February 2010

hair do?

I longlonglong to be able to put my hair in a messy bun.
It's growing; ever so slowly.
But this weekend I managed to put together an attempt at the messy bun, even with this limited hair.

jacket+top+trews; thrifted//shoes; garage shoes//necklace; portobello market

Hmm, close up?

Note my randomly ginger roots.
They are much more integrated now; hello re-dyed.

My fringe is starting to get a bit too long to be able to sweep it into the chunky fringe instead of the side fringe; I see this as progress.

So, yeah, short haired laydeez - no need to worry; you can still do stuff with short hair!
I scraped this over to the left side of my head (cos that's the shorter side, so the right side hair had more length and could, err, travel(?) further), put in a bobble and bent it over into a "bun", then pinned all the bits that didn't reach the bobble down to my head. ...There were lots of these bits.

And by "bun" I clearly mean "sticky up curl of hair".
I look like Little My from off of the Moomins.

pic from graphic kid, which is a great blog.

Is it time to change the styleicon picture of Judy Funny from 'Doug' to Little My??

A search for a picture of her encompassed wikipedia and imdb, and I am now aware that they're on making a 3D Moomins film AS WE SPEAK. EXCITED MUCH?!?!?!?!
I used to bloody love the Moomins.

An anecdote: I believe I'm right when I say that me and my friend Liam, in school (in fact, if I am correct, on the flight back from the school band's trip to Boston in year 10) couldn't remember how the Moomin theme tune went and so just tried singing the words to any theme tune we could think of, including, most notably, Eastenders.
"moomin moomin moo-ooo-miiiinn (dundundundun) mooo-ooooo-min, moomin moo-moomin"
I'm pretty sure it was the Moomins theme tune.

Anyways, we looked it up in out next music class and it turns out it was nothing like we had thought it was. Sad times.

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Alicia said...

Not pleased about the Moomin movie plans. Why must they keep destroying classics? :( the cartoon was bad enough. I mean, I loved it but it wasn't true to the original comics or even the original tv version of the Moomins. GAH.

Anonymous said...

looks good on you :)

kid said...

haha you do look like Little My which is always a good thing;-)) I kinda want to hear how the Moomins sound in English, I think it'd be hilarious because the only language I've ever heard them speak is Finnish! but a 3d Moomin movie...... doesn't sound right to me. the only true Moomins are the tv episodes.

ps haha thanks for mentioning my blog!

mam said...

You so suit the fringe!