Tuesday, 23 February 2010

best buys

Continuing the trend for spending too much on stuff and junk, I popped into town on Saturday and ended up spending about 80 quid on various things including the below... (and ebay packaging, makeup - a later post; stuff for uni)...

Popped into Best Vintage cos I haven't been for absolutely agessss and ended up loving a few pieces.

Kimono-esque floral dress (IT'S SO FLOATY WHEEEEEE!)
...only kimono-esque cos of the sleeves...

Then there's this awesome 70s cardi/coat (mebs it'll be a coat in summer; deffo too thin for that just now). Note awkward 'spinning around' expression.

Green dress (which I shortened, so now I also have a drapey scarf, as in the second pic). It just went so well with my hair!

Wearing it with a draped cardi thing with chino sleeves that I made last summer in order to launch my etsy shop and never got around too...
I should really follow these projects through, shouldn't I? It will be for sale sometime. If you're a fan, I guess, take note.

More of the coat.
With a H&M skirt. And H&M socks and Dorothy Perkins shoes...

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1 comment:

L said...

That "kimono" dress is such a great find! Love the colour and print, and it looks really beautiful on you!