Sunday, 7 February 2010

doubleplusgood thrift score

Mmmm scheduled post cos I'm currently in York for Bryony's 21st. Chances are I'm hungover right now. Fun!

OK, so firstly, let me refresh your memory (longtime readers) or bring to your attention some amazingness (new readers+casual browsers). Firstly, vidi this post.

Now, while I still would kill for a leather or suede version of these...cropped capes? Shoulder scarves? I don't even know... I will, of course, settle for cable knit, polo necked versions which are £2 in the best charity shop ever™, the amazing RSPCA in Byker.

What follows is a bunch of outfit shots (in which you can really only see the detail in the first one. Black + flash = bad photos. Gah.)

shoulder cape+dress;thrifted//parka; ebay//shoes; peacocks(?)//brooch; portobello market

crop denim jacket; ebay//shoes; topshop//belt off of mam//necklace; H&M//fish brooch; thrifted

net skirt; thrifted (also off of RSPCA!)//boots; zara

Ana got proper excited when I told her about this, in the sense that she was all "LIKE A SNOOD??!!?!" - I said no, cos the cowl-y polo neck affair really can't be worn in a snood fashion. Course worn upside down is another story...

blazer; thrifted

It's awesome worn under jackets, over jackets, asymmetrically, upside down...
This is why charity shop rummaging is amazing. 2 pounds, man.


For serious though, if I were to recommend some places to go as some sort of 'guide to Newcastle' I would recommend that your day plan include the following:
- food at Stateside
- a film or at least a coffee from the Tyneside
- a rummage around some charity shops, most notably Byker RSPCA
- a cake and more coffee and Heaton Perk
- a night out at theCut, or mebs WHQ, or the Other Rooms. Digital on a Thursday if pushed... Dammit just go for a night out, wherever is open on whatever day you happen to be in toon, and finish off the night with food from Happy Chippy.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent guide to Newcastle. Although sadly, I have NEVER been to Stateside! :( Byker does have some cracking charity shops, like. And the Happy Chippy (aka Sajways) is one of the few takeaways in town where you can buy a lightbulb with your chips!

Ana said...

Clearly you have to take me to this RSPCA chazza shop.
i think the snood works!
but then i did go to uni with my dress inside out the other day
it was an early morning...2pm seminar
love you wife xxxx

jenn said...

ana, kudos. inside out dress indeed.

ere, dave, i am the master of newcastle guides. for starts, there's a reason it's renowned for it's nightlife, right? some excellent clubs, and nights, and mostly something for everyone pretty much any night of the week. coincidently, ever been to hard to love at WHQ? the third one is in this weds, i hope i can go down.
stateside is AMAZING and you must go posthaste. big ass portions, decent prices, and a beautiful waiter who looks like jared leto. drooooool.
happy chippy is legendary. as is byker. underrated. been to perk?!?! you shouldve been! mezin.