Monday, 8 February 2010

cou-torture, part II which we lead on a little from this post and look at how that thing is coming along...

A little moulage and gathering - this is my toile, but other than the underdress which is in basic jersey (and will be in cream jersey sweat with a chunky centre back zip when it's made up for real), it's in the actual fabrics and the only difference will be the lack of pen marks on the real one. Mebs the tulle will be different.

Anyways, the top half is all hand stitched cos it'd just get wrecked up on the sewing machine...

I'm still playing about with the tulle atm. Say hey to Bryony, whose working away on a menswear cape inspired by skeletal structures...

You can see our awesome tutor Tony in the background there, also.
I like the tulle better on this side, integrated into the pleats. I'm gonna fasten the overdress with hook and eye tape (which was, like, £5 a metre. WTF.) but I literally just bought it - I guess next week will be finishing my toile, finalising my pattern and hoping I finish in time.

God love the macro function on my camera for these closeups:

I was gonna try to find some tulle in the seafoam green colour, but I kinda like how it slowly integrates into the cream tulle.
Hand stitching might take a damn long time, but at least I can do it while I watch TV or something, right?


PS, I got a formspring....(in the style of Dr Zoidberg), ask me some questions, maybe?

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