Wednesday, 6 January 2010

your english is good

Oh hai, another featured designer from this post. Huh.
So, turns out a bunch of those featured were recent graduates; which is always gooood.

Phoebe English is a knitwear designer from CSM (where else?) based on gothic, hand-illustrated novel Gormengast, and the crazy-intricate pieces were created using an 18th century lacemaking technique...

Jaw-dropping intricacy, non?
Closer look?

The draped and harnessed skirt sticks out against the collection's woven details, but it's probably my favourite piece...
Although I will add, the fashion156 shoots picture shows them at the best, IMO, with the awesome feather headpieces, the clothes, the models, and the shoes (also by Phoebe) coming together in the simplest but most striking way.

All images from from catwalking and fashion156.


Michele said...

All very lovely, nice colours. The headpieces kinda remind me of the Gareth Pugh ones non?
Great post!

jenn. said...

They are quite! like that one Karlie Kloss wore with the stiped maxi... they might've all looked like that one, I don't fully remember, but that look from was by far my fave so it stuck in my mind.

Ana said...
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Ana said...

wassat name of that designer that put size 10 models on the catwalk...cant remember but yeah her dresses remind me of his work. love how they manage to look distressed without actually having been damaged in any way