Wednesday, 6 January 2010


2.30 am (last night...), snowing on my street in Newcastle.

It fell softly, but good god, it came down.
The street over the road had no snow on it's roof this morning, because it had all fallen onto the path in a big heap.
It was quite beautiful, watching it fall, but there were already footsteps in it by morning. I went to the art shop to get some prit-stick; in heels with no grips, and leggings, and leopard print, with my grey coat unbuttoned, and wearing earmuffs.
Quite the look.
No makeup though.
It wasn't too cold, the snow was already dripping from rooftops.
More is to come, apparently.
Aaron and Luke made a 7foot snowman in our back yard. I guess I'll take a picture, at some point. 7foot. Massive. Scared the bejesus out of me. When I walk into the kitchen and am confronted by this mound of snow with a hat and scarf and a broken broom handle for an arm, I jump a little, and then I remember. Them boys.

Hey, this was almost poetic.
It sounds like I'm all for the snow, but my ink cartridge which should've arrived today, didn't, because the posties couldn't walk on the snow. If I can do it in those shoes, they bloody can. Which means I'm now a day behind schedule on my uni work (well, if it comes tomorrow morning all will be well, otherwise I'm in trouble.). Ugh. I haven't got time for this. I have till Monday. MONDAY.

You might also have noticed a bit of a shuffle in the way things look, including SHINY NEW BANNER FUN. Wanted to put a picture up there, but it's finding the right one, yknow?
Hey, new followers, s'up?

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Mam said...

Your snow pics are awesome :D