Sunday, 17 January 2010

uni craic: moulage

So I mentioned the other day that we'd never done moulage before at uni.
Moulage would be the art of draping fabric on the stand to create pleat and drape details...
I think this will be something I will be utilising way more than pattern cutting.
Since we were encouraged to take photos, I took copious amounts. Camera whoreeeee. We done two pieces, vidi:

Our* method was to just pin stuff and see what happened, since we were just messing about and not designing for a purpose or a mark. Lots of fun though.

Later in t'day we done knitting on the knitting machines and I must take pics of what a created. Although you've already seen the clearly awesome necklace** on the lastest outfit post...

Next door are having an argument and it is hurting my head. Please shutup, kthnx. Also, I need food now.


* Me and Molly, who is in the second pic down...heyyyyy. You - frequent/long time readers and actual real life friends - might also have noticed Bailey and Harriet pottering about in the background.

** No, but really, I'm gonna attach it to a chain or something. Mezin.

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