Thursday, 7 January 2010

petra dish

Another CSM graduate (this time 2009!), now - Petra Metzger, whose collection 'Mirror in mirror' is essentially a celebration of all that is organza. WOOHOOOO!

That last one is STUNNINGGGGG.
A little jellyfish like, but in the best way, non?

Petra's concept was the 'repetition of a detail or part of a garment in different angles, use of different textured, grey fabrics and plain blocks of colour, blurring shapes and detail with lots of layers of organza' - she aimed to make functional garments, and unfamiliar shapes softened by masses of voluminous organza; which produces some beautifully unique, cloud-esque pieces.

What stood out to me, through the miles of grey organza, was the beautiful, bright and bold shoes - yo Petra, if you have some size 5's lying about, y'know, I'll give em' a good home, yeah?


Coming across her blog (which is essentially an online CV, employers!) I was enamoured to find illustrations along with the photos of designs - I do love to see the thought process.
And I wish I could illustrate like this; my art background is not fit for tidy little line drawings....

Must invest in some tria pens, I think. Yesyes.


GiddyStrats said...

i've heard a lot of good things about tria pens

Michele said...

Oooh great stuff, love the model in the first few pics!