Wednesday, 27 January 2010

around town

So you might've noticed the Vice badge over to the right there, and I believe I mentioned in passing that I was now a Vice magazine Student that goes, I get a ton of information for the promoting from Vice.
I'm not gonna write about everything, obvs - as I always do, I'll write what I damn want, it's my blog. But as it goes, I was gonna write about this anyway cos it's all relatable.

So, long-ish time readers and friends will know about my travelling adventures in October, all over Europe (newer readers, archives - Oct last year - gogogo) and also about my shiny iPhone times (as a christmas present...). I went a bit app mad upon getting said iPhone, as I'm sure most do, but both that and this app would've been mucho useful in October. Gah.

Nike True City (download it here!) is a guide to 6 European cities (ones I went to and everything!), as added too by people in the know - clubs, bars, food places,'s like google maps + wikipedia + "i heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that there's this cool place down here.." all rolled into one.

I heartily enjoy that the above screenshot is of Berlin.

I guess they also point out where Nike stores are...?
I downloaded it a few days ago, but since I am in none of the cities currently it's a bit wasted on me right now. I shall certainly be using it next time I'm in London, or if we do indeed traverse to Berlin at Easter as planned.
Some of us were gonna go over this weekend just gone, for fashion week, but it never materialised.


I love Berlin...

Hey, if they need a Newcastle one I am available for pointing out excellent places.

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Ana said...

oh man i want to gan to berlin with you, or paris
even if its for a day in easter!

CWALL ME BAYBEE in regards to this