Friday, 18 December 2009

you shall not pass!

Wooo a post about my actual ventures!
These have been lacking lately...
Because mostly my ventures involve my sketchbook.
And the blog is not living up to it's title, but that's ok, right? We're still having a reet good time, right? Yeahhh.


It's the year of the big birthdays in our house (
all pretty close together too. Apart from Dean. And also Aaron, cos he's only 20. But t'were my 21st last month, Luke's last Saturday and Gemma's in February, and Aaron's 20th is in the middle of that. And then Dean's 21 in July, too. But that's AGES away. Pfft.)

Oh yeah.

Party time! Fantasy theme, I heard. Cue LOTR/Harry Potter-based funtimez.

Erm, this was the only fancy-dress based pic I pulled out to upload (there's loads on facebook though, if you're a friend. BTW, if you're a reader, and add me, let me know, cos I tend to not add people I don't know!), but let's face it, it's the best. OH APART FROM LUKE'S. And mehbehs Josh's. Luke done Gandalf (complete with amazingly accurately detailed staff, and itchy wig) and Josh was erm, that tree what talks off the second LOTR film. He had loads of cardboard leaves; they didn't last long.

But yeah, Hannah's Bellatrix Lestrange was unrivalled, and her wig did the rounds. Aaron's Salazar Slytherin just made him look Mexican, FYI. I think it's the tache.

Re: wig doing the rounds, it ended up on Matthew; doing a Cher impression.

"Gypsiiieees, Tramps and Thieeevesss"

Actual going-out-to-the-Cut-times. The 'proper adults' followed by the return of my gay boyfriend and a nice bit of theCut wall. It's a pretty awesome venue.

Oh, and then this random girl who was wearing Henry Holland tights. She was waiting for t'toilet, we were just outside on the smoking balcony, and I literally went "HENRY HOLLAND TIGHTS!! PICTURE?!?!"
Hah. I enjoy her "wtf, I'll just stick my thumb-up. Fucking weirdo" pose.

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