Friday, 18 December 2009

snow day

Good god, an outfit post??

thrifted/DIYed cropped jumper, ebay leopard dress, vintage sheer dress, vintage belt, new look boots, ebay parka

Still having epic love for the parka.

Note, it snowed like mad yesterday (although we only have about an inch today, but it's still falling realllly softly. It's a white fake christmas! It's our houses christmas dinner tonight. I'm cooking the meat. ARGH.) and this is not a suitable outfit for such weather. Although they are the only shoes suitable for such weather; they're the only ones with grips.

And I did also have a scarf and gloves on.
But I was carrying the last of my christmas shopping + a massive chicken + a pork joint.
There will be pics from tonight, I hope.

So this grey dress is the one I bought in Amsterdam and raved about, but I haven't found the right thing to wear it with yet...I think it works here. The only problem I have with it is the neckline, cos it has wide shoulder straps (vest like shape, see) and a v-neck, and it's just not very flattering, but it's so delicate that I daren't DIY it....hmm.
Shall be wearing it over more printed dresses though, I think. I'll have a play around with the straps; if it had thin straps it'd be AWESOME.


Kat said...

parkas, love them XD
your dres kind of reminds me of the comme des garcons autumn/winter collection :D

Jenn. said...

teehee, it's totally like that! even down to the seams! only 8 euros, though. score! ohh I want some of the skin colour leggings from that collection, mm.