Wednesday, 30 December 2009

style resolutions III - not everything is black & white

That, dear readers, is a big pile of colour.

A big resolution to myself is to buy less black and grey next year. I have plenty.
Although I totally need to replace my BELOVED grey uniqlo cardi, which I might have accidentally dyed purple by washing it with a bright pink skirt.
If eBay throws up nothing I will literally be dyeing it back to grey.

Anyways, a recent charity shop jaunt added to the pile of colours; and in the spirit of procrastinating from doing uni work, I had a right old go at putting some "colour only" outfits together.

This is harder than it looks.
Unless you don't mind looking like a box of crayons.
Also, I had grey tights on and couldn't be bothered to take 'em off.
Also, I'm still allowed nudes cos I say so.

vintage skirt & lace onesie; thrifted/DIYed gold vest; legwarmers
Legwarmers?!?! Ana left me them. I've never been down with legwarmers. But I quite enjoy these. I also kinda enjoy the vests fraying hem.

asos stripe top; thrifted silk vest & wrap skirt; vintage shoes
orange and pink shoulnd't work, but it totally does. right? RIGHT?!

thrifted blouse&scarf; vintage lace onesie; topshop skirt; peacocks boots

coat&scarf - christmas presents!; thrifted dress and VersaceJeans skirt; ebayed Lagerfeld loafers
It amuses me that the skirt is the same colour as my hair.

Topshop/christmas present cardi type deely; gold crop vest; blue skirt DIYed from a dress; Pierre Cardin shoes
I am alllll about this cardi/jacket effort right now.

Let's take a closer look at that last one, cos I tied/folded/weaved that scarf into a turban type deely that I will likely never be able to recreate; but that I thought was totally hot for about 5 minutes.

This all came about cos we went ice skating earlier in the day and I donned this.

thrifted henley; vintage skirt&belt&lace onesie; asos boots; primark legwarmers&tights; DIYed scarf; ebayed coat; various jewellery

Hmm, outfit heavy post.
K, I've got stuff to be doing.
Like NYE tomorrow; still dunno what to wear, but it's likely that TS jacket/cardi/thing will make an appearance cos I LOVE IT right now.

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Michele said...

YES COLOUR! This is something that I want to wear more of in 2010 as well. I found myself always wearing black, and it was somewhat depressing. So I'm slowly adding more and more colour to my wardrobe, and it's great! love your looks btw!