Wednesday, 30 December 2009

foam snow

I often try to claim that I don't know what's up with "the party season" cos I sure ain't going to a lot of parties, barring the family affairs. Which I don't count; I don't know why.
I have no office party.
I live with most of my best friends.
Most people I know are students; we're not a 'party' having people, we're just a drunk-getting people.

But this year, I suppose, I have been to a number of parties, non? Not counting Luke's birthday, really, there was our Christmas dinner followed by dancing at Jukebox, Bryony's meal the next night, gig/Cut times on the 21st...

And then there's NYE, tomorrow, and the long awaited Glitterfest. Which is, essentially, us lot getting drunk on cheap "champange" and dancing to Lady Gaga till the wee small hours, with a break only to play Don't Stop Believin' at midnight. The Journey version. But possibly a double bill with the Glee version.

This is including the magic that was ConnectionVSJukebox at theCut last night. It even SNOWED. Well. It sponge/foam-ed.
I will leave you, 2009*, with this post - a beauty, nay, a flurry, of photos - off of one of the best (but quite typical) nights out this year. Oh, 2009, you beauty.

* I SAYYYYY I will leave you, but, there may or may not be a scheduled post for midnight tomorrow which you should totally check out if you haven't seen Autotune 2009 already.