Wednesday, 23 December 2009

granny chic

Ana was in town on Monday - sushi date, charity shopping (i spent a lot of money. i need to stop that.), bit of a gig, night at theCut (accompanied by Daniel, among others.)
Expect a few posts on the subject today/tomorrow.

Firstly, we like a good granny.
Grannies are like, the ultimate fashionista (eurgh, i hate that word.)
In the sense that, a well dressed and confident person (as I would deem a fashion person) would wear what they like and literally not give a shit, so do grannies.
Now, the magic is, sometimes, they are AMAZING, and they don't even know it.

We managed to snap some (iphone camera, apologies for lack of quality) while we were wine&sushi guzzling in Fenwicks, which is totally the granny hotspot of Newcastle.

Granny number one: working the Pugh/McQueen-esque checks with a red snood. Dude, I don't know people my age who would rock that outfit so hard.
Granny number two: working the fur hat like she was made for it.

There were other awesome grannies we didn't manage to snap in our sushi hour, but man, I'm gonna be watching out for them next time I'm in town.

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