Sunday, 6 December 2009

reality studio.

Currently, my 'morning' routine is to get up (I set my alarm for a decent time, honest, but somehow I always manage to sleep in...), get a wash, and come downstairs for breakfast, reading my daily blogs, and watching channel 4 (friends + the big bang theory + ugly betty + wife swap USA. WIN. Course this means I don't do any work til at least half 1 but WHATEVS.), followed by uni work for most of the rest of the day*.

Course all this blog reading this often leads me to finding random things to post about, through links and internet sleuthing.
Today, it was the label reality studio, which was linked on Stil In Berlin (♥).

Reality Studio was founded in 2005 by Berlin designer Svenja Specht, and is wearable and practical label, that also drips with effortless style, combining "street and avant-garde" looks.

The AW09/10 Collection: Atanarjuat

"Reality Studios AW0910 Collection is inspired by the Inuit film `Atanarjuat - The legend of the fast Runner´, a strange and memorable movie that comes to us from the Canadian Arctic. It is one bright movie, all dazzling expanses of ice and snow and sea and sky; the ghostly interiors of igloos by daylight and by firelight, it's like swimming in illuminated milk. Furthermore, it eventually delivers a compelling human story that's both mythic and realistic. "
From the website.

Some looks from the collection are below, plus some looks from the previous (SS09) collection, 'Botanik'.

I loveeeee the leggings in looks 5&6, and the colour pallette, and the trews in look 7&8, AND the tee and jacket in look 2....

You can buy reality studio online at alll these places - farfetch; styleserver; SSAW; wok-store - as well as a bunch of stores around Germany & the rest of Europe, and some stores in Japan. (and one in Chicago! But no UK, or NYC...?Hmm.)

* unless someone suggests going into town, of course. Social life > uni work.

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