Saturday, 5 December 2009


Still working on the sketchbook..I might post pics of it if it looks decent enough. Anyways, I'm making some print ideas to fill up some space, and I thought I'd post my favourites.

These are all marbled floors and coloumns from the Vatican Museum - I took SO MANY pictures in Rome, it was a little ridiculous. I love the colours and the patterns in marble, they're pretty awesome. I'd love to do some samples onto fabric for said sketchbook, but I have no way to do them at home. Hmm.

I should really get back to sticking stuff in; I haven't done any work actually IN my sketchbook for a week now, since before I went up north; the last few days has been all photoshop work (although not that much of that either...I've mostly been sleeping in odd patterns and watching Wife Swap USA, with a side order of flailing about in the pit at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - expect a post on that soon. Like, when I can be arsed to upload the photos.)

All images are miiiiine, ALL MIIIIINE bwahahaha. Yeah, please credit me/link back if you use 'em an' ting.

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