Sunday, 20 December 2009


No one says 'frocks' anymore.
I don't know if it's a British thing, or even a Northern thing, but not even we say it any more. With the possible exception of the odd Auntie or Grandma. Hmm.

It's all a bit late for party season, unless you live near one of the stockists, but these dresses are the perfect go-to for a night of partying - maybe you'll have time before NYE to pick one up!*

ANYWAYS, this is about Flocks, not frocks. NylonFlocks, infact, which is a project by Italian designer Nicola Finetti (now working out of Australia, and stocked ALL OVER that most sparse and remote of countries/continents/islands**, as well as in a select few boutiques in and around Europe - one in London! - America & Asia).

There's a nice mix of sheer and cut out panels with lovely bright colours in here. Some of colours bring to mind the rainbow that is American Apparel, but in a high end, non-stretchy kinda way. Obvs.

Then there's the tees (the skirts and trousers below don't seem to be included? Which is sad, cos both the slouchy skirt and the skinny panelled trousers are pretty hot), which I am ALL ABOUT.

Again with the cut outs! I believe the shirt to be the perfect short sleeved black shirt. How much is AU$208 in pounds??

Oh, and everything is on sale right now! Aforementioned AU$208 is about average RE:pricing (which, I looked it up, is about £114 or $187 US), and obvs all prices are in AU$!


*I do not know what to wear on NYE. Although given that it's Glitterfest 09/10 I feel if I roll in glue and then sequins and glitter, that will do, yus?

** My cousin is moving from Perth to....somewhere about 5 hours south of Perth and totally out of the way. I know about sparse and remote! Well, she does. I haven't been to see her since I was her Bridesmaid almost 3 years ago. I DEFINITELY need to go back, if just to see her little boy Sam and the bump, when she is born. Also cos WA is awesome.

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mam said...

Re frocks.....mams too ;)

And H is moving to Denmark. Cool or what? :D As for your ideas re NYE....maybe a little more coverage??