Thursday, 10 December 2009


Being a student has it perks, for sure - mostly the brilliance of student discount, but also the obvious wonder of student loans and such - but sharing a house with 4 other people means I can't go around decorating the house in any style I want; it's all confined to my room.

Although we all have vaguely similar taste which has been responsible for certain additions to our house since we moved in: a dining table, an electric guitar with no strings (left by a former housemate) mounted on the wall, various candles on the hearth, graphics/typography posters (courtesy of Luke) or Dazed & Confused editorials replacing the vintage posters in the kitchen...

Anyways, all of this is very quirky and suitably suited to such a creative house (and Gemma. What? Law isn't a creative subject!), but sometimes I like to look at things I might adorn my future home with, and this often means a more unique ornament is on the cards.

Enter Brooklyn-based label Beetle & Flor!
These ornaments are from their 'North American Wildlife' collection and are truly unique and, in their own words, not for the faint-hearted.

beaver; snapping turtle; beaver with gold

Designer Christine hand casts real animal skulls in raw porcelain, and some are then plated with 23k gold! You can buy at etsy here, and 25% of proceeds goes to support their community projects (which you can find out more about by clicking onto their website above!)

Also available are the much more Fashion-blog-and-student-house friendly jaw necklaces in muskrat (my favourite!) and skunk pieces:

If you're looking for Christmas presents it's a bit late now, as all pieces are made to order and take 3-4 weeks for delivery, but these would be awesome any time of year, non?

If I did have my own house,
this would be on constant rotation within it.


M said...

these are sooo beautiful, totally my bag. Great blog. Want to exhange links. xx

Jenn. said...

i'd love to exchange links! :D