Sunday, 8 November 2009

oh gosh

maybe I should do a post?
sorry, been busy doing nothing in Dundee for the last few days. This threatens to continue until wednesday.*

But what to post about? Well, some random things that have caught my attention lately, that's what.

sometimes a fashion blog is not the most inspirational of blogs
I'm finding Facehunter's second and more personal blog more inspiring, of late. Yvan Rodic (that would be his real name) has incredible photos from his travels around the globe. Example? This shot from his latest post, from Jakarta. It could be something from an editorial, almost?

sometimes blogs you'd kinda written off post worthwhile quotes
I'm not the biggest Tavi fan. OK? Yeah, I said it! If you haven't come across Tavi yet...never mind. OK, it's not that I'm not a fan, it's just I don't think the hype is justified, particularly.
She's the Arctic Monkeys of bloggers.
Don't believe the hype.
I'd like to thank Patricija off of Fashion Mongers for sharing my view. On a post about a month ago? Yeahhhh.

So anyways, yeah, this post, fairly self explanatory? Often the view of non-fashion people; often a defence I have to roll out. It's not too rare an occasion that I have to defend my career choice and/or interests to some random fash-basher. Eurgh.

sometimes, tv talent competitions become a parody of themselves
ok, so I'm not now, nor have I ever been, the biggest x factor fan. I mean, I'm never a fan of the music the alumni release**, I don't usually watch the auditions (I don't wish to watch people who can't sing make fools of themselves and the country laugh at them, kthnx), and I'm not too bothered if I miss an episode. If I'm in, I'll watch it. If there's nothing on tv on a sunday, I'll itvplayer it. There's no one I''m particularly a fan of this year; there's no one I want to win (Olly, at a push, though.)
That said, the Jedward craic is amazing.
What I'm amused by now, is that they don't know how they've got this far***, and I think they've a little bit stopped caring and stopped putting effort into their singing (if they ever were) and seeing how far they can go. Given how seriously everyone else involved in the show takes it, knowing that few, if any, of the contestants, will have a career out of it, I think that's worth applauding. Maybe.
Course, if they do win, there'll be no shutting Louis Walsh up, and by god the man is an idiot.

Anyways, Henry Holland is onside.

I want that tee. Even knowing that it won't be relevant in a few weeks.

FYI, I've been writing this for approx 2 hours, because Jon keeps distracting me with his questionable music choices. And kisses. ^_^.


*it is continuing until wednesday, this is when my train back home is.
**not counting Will Young. But of course, he is a pop idol alum, not an x factor-ite. Oh, and Beat Again by JLS. Tune.
***it's because Louis is an idiot (for putting them through) and the general public can't be trusted to be sensible when given the power to vote in masses, quite frankly. That's democracy for yer!

Pics off of Yvan Rodic && Henry Holland's twitter page.

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