Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wilkommen in Berlin

So, apparantly I remember more German than I thought I did and I think I have managed to convince the odd coffee shop employee that I in fact speak the language better than I do. And there's a class full of awesome architecture students from Dundee in my hostel, who are doing a project based in Durham of all places, so I've made friends and everything.....I love Berlin A LOT.

I did another one of those walking tours yesterday (they're in a bunch of cities, I'll probs do 'em all), so now I know more about Nazis than necessary. Nazis and German history of the 20th century, actually. Pretty long tour, but well worth it. If you're doing a Europe jaunt, check out the neweurope tours, they are rather excellent.

Here are a bunch of photos! That gate, that wall, etc.
The one at the top was the site of the old royal palace, which is currently being reconstructed (they've only put a bit of scaffolding up so far...I dunno what it's gonna be used as when its done though...)

Just a hotel, you say? No! Where ACTUAL Michael Jackson dangled that ACTUAL child that time. FACT.

I was highly amused by the last one. Why a sign to LA with the km underneath? Why LA?!? How random.

Currently eating a muffin and drinking a coffee in that oh so German establishment, Starbucks...
They have Ray Charles on.
It is nice.
I could live here, quite easily. (might need to learn/revise some more German though.)

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