Tuesday, 20 October 2009

somewhere, beyond the sea

Ferries are ridiculously boring and everything onboard is overpriced: this is a fact.
€3 euros for 15 minutes on the internet? Errrr, what?
15 necessary minutes, I might add. Necessary because said ferry was delayed by 3 hours and took an extra hour on top of that to get to Barcelona, so I had to go online to find a phone number for my hostel or email them to tell them I was going to be late. I've had it up to here with European transport by now.

Incase you haven't heard, there's a train strike in France, meaning I can't get the train to Paris tonight. But since if I don't go tonight I won't have a full day in Paris, I have to go tonight, so I have to get the bus, which cost me an extra €68 which is money I really don'y have right now, especially after the boot-buying. So, yeah. If you're keeping count, I'm not friends with ferries, French railway workers or wine right now. I'll let you know how I stand with coaches tomorrow.

The one thing ferries are good for is sea views. It was quite nice coming into Barcelona, no matter how long it took (it was also windy; and I didn't dare get my camera out in such winds given my track record with them). I did take some pics earlier in the day though. iPhoto made them really blue!

So there's some open sea, and a bit of what I can only assume is southern France right there. *shrug*

If I'd known about the train strike, I probs would've requested they just drop me off there and I'd make my way to Paris asap so as to avoid all this kafuffle. GRR. It's messed others up more than me though, so, yknow. I'll live. I just like to have a little rant sometimes.

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