Tuesday, 20 October 2009


This post brought to you courtesy of Freddie Mercury; apparantly.

Erm, yeah, I pretty much got here and went to sleep. It was midnight, I'd a stressful couple of hours. They waited up for me. That was nice of 'em.
A hearty breakfast was enjoyed, before a trek on up (OK, a metro ride, and one of only 2 I've taken here. The other being from the ferry to the hostel, obvs) to Parc Güell for a spot of Gaudi-fangirling. This post is gonna be quite Gaudi heavy, fyi. Oh yeahhh.
Wandered down to La Sagrada Familia, then for a closer look at Torre Agbar and all the way up to where La Pedrera and Casa Batlió are. And around there a bit. And into Zara. And up to the til with the thigh high boots.

AND THEN (moving swiftly on)
into an asian buffet place - they had chinese, thai, AND sushi. For 10 euros. I was in heaven. I ate a lot of food - so much so I wasn't hungry again all day - and went on my way, down to La Ramblas and then all the way up past Plaça Espanya and back to the hostel. Google Pedometer says around 14 miles. Yup.

Some pictures!
Including a mental Miró sculpture. I do like a bit of Miró, I researched him for GCSE art. Fact.


mam said...

*drool* those buildings are awesome. Gaudi rules!

Anonymous said...

See told you so. I knew you'd enjoy Barcelona and getting your fill of Gaudi. *smile and nods approvingly*

Hx (mum's mate checking up on you again...!)

Daniel Gourley said...

Hugh Hefner had his 80th birthday party in the buliding in the second to last photo! well one of his 80th birthday parties,

jenn said...

i adore that you know this!xx