Monday, 19 October 2009

rome; day 2

Some ruins and some more bloody fountains an' ting.
Erm, yeah. And I had a mah-oosive 4 cheese pizza for €6; it was awesome.

So here's some Colosseum, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain based pics, including the bonus feature that is me pointing at the Arch of Constantine from the Colosseum, which I paid actual money to go around.
I keep forgetting that Euros are proper money as opposed to like...monopoly money, or something. Alls I know is, I've spent a lot.

(A lot more after Ana and Daniel failed to talk me out of buying the perfect thigh high boots, which would be the ones from Zara, FYI. They both, infact, encouraged me, so, when I'm complaining of having no money in a few weeks, we all know who to blame. It is lucky for both of their sakes that said boots fit into my case; I intend to wear them ALL THE TIME.)

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