Tuesday, 27 October 2009

red hair at night; bloggers delight

So; this is a fashion blog, is it not? I was gonna say "quite enough of the travelling posts!" but there's maybe some London stuff to come. You should prepare yourself for some non-chronological fun. A little street style, a little personal style, a little "bloggers retreat" aka Ana visiting this week.

SO YEAH, as you can see by the lil pic there, the hair is no longer blonde. OMGWTFetc. I've been blonde for 2 and half years, I was bored of it and it was time for a change, yeah?
Today's outfit, also! Do you remember outfit posts?!? DO YOU?!? Wow.

It's cold enough for the winter coat!! YESSSSSSS.

dress, New Look; skirt& necklace, H&M; boots, Dorothy Perkins; coat&stockings, eBay


Anonymous said...

I love the new colour, it looks great and really suits you!

Linda (friend of your mum)

Sophie said...

Hey, how about cup noodles?
I found many different flavors here