Sunday, 25 October 2009

paris; day 2

Lying in bed without a hangover even after that much wine is amazing.
Doing such after an night where me and Bailey ate about double our daily calorie intake worth of food (probably soaked up the ol' alcohol...) and then went to the x factor house IN OUR PYJAMAS (cos it's only about 15 mins walk away) and were loud/giggly enough after reading the graffiti to bring out the bouncer was BRILLIANT.
And then we laid in bed on facebook, and Bailey fell asleep with the screen on my profile and her hand on the keyboard.


dead folk; monuments; tiny art; cocktails

Went to Peré Lachaise cemetry. It was awesomely creepy.

That bit of cobweb was floating in the breeze, it was SO CREEPY.
Famous graves! Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde ♥

So yeah; that was cool.
Went to that tower, walked across the river and up to the Arc De Triomphe and all the way down the Champs Elysees to the Louvre and then behind to Notre Dame.

Actually, thats a lie, I stopped of at the best charity shop EVER.
Well, the best if you like fur coats and leather jackets and the €1 bin. Which I do. Blew €61 euros on the most amazing, soft, well fitting, made of awesome faux fur coat and a dress. I'm gonna have to do a "stuff I bought in Europe" blog post, cos there's enough.

FYI, I didn't see much of the Louvre. Partly cos it's bloody massive, partly cos I couldn't feel my feet at this point; mostly because I saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus di Milo and I was like "meh". At least I got in for free.
Mona is a bit small and you can't get close enough to it to appreciate it as art, so....yeah. Not impressed Louvre; not impressed.

I adore this picture of Notre Dame. Cos there's random petals out front; and it makes me think of t'Hunchback (one of my favourite Disney films. NAY, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FILMS) and the feast of fools kerfuffle.
Not a lie; one of the soundtrack songs came on my iPod on the walk up to it.
I totally took it off shuffle and played the rest of the soundtrack. Man, I'm cool.

Met up with Liam and his housemate and had copious amounts of €5 cocktails at this bar in the Latin Quarter, before returning to my hostel to find a large amount of Australians who were going back home the next day. Became an honorary Australian; stayed up til 5am. Wasn't hungover the next day; the usual, the usual.

On the Champs Elysees there's an exhibition, of sorts, of French Vogue covers through the years. My favourite was this Audrey Hepburn effort.

Ahhhh, Europe. Excellent times.
Next on the agenda? Saving up for Scandinavia, maybe a little Poland and Russia, and definately some Iceland and certainly, CERTAINLY, a return to Berlin; some time next year. I hope. Whee!
Let's return to the fashion posts an ting, hmm?


I'm no longer friends with my case.
Being dragged around Europe for a month, full to the brim of clothes an ting, and being dragged/bounced down any steps I come across due to laziness does not make for a happy case...
The bottom has bucked, the wheel trims have fallen off, the handle threatens to snap off when it's fully extended, but if you only extend it halfway the thing falls over every 5 seconds cos the wheels go wobbly.
I have been quite vocal about the fact that I hate my case. I've shouted at him in the street and everything. I gave him a pep talk when we got to Bailey's (and dragged him up all the stairs to her 3rd floor flat) and informed him just to keep it together, cos he only now has to get from here to Golders tube station, from King's Cross tube to the train, from the train at Newcastle to the bus (over the road) and from the bus to home (down the street). IT'S NOT THAT HARD, CASE, YOU CAN DO IT.
Although all that awaits him there is the bin. Don't tell him that, he might give up on life at an inconvenient time. (Like Monday rush hour on the London Underground.)


Mam said...

Where is the rain you keep moaning about? None here that I can see....This is the sort of blog entry I like, lots of info, lots of touristy pics - gorgeous!! Hope the case makes it - you know you should never say where 'he' will end, cos the betting is 'he' knows and won't make it to 23 Ninth....

mam said...

Oh also - who leaves half bottles of whisky in graveyards??? Even when it's Jim Morrison, FGS?? Sheesh! Nice touch, though ;)