Tuesday, 13 October 2009

In These Prague times, We Work Prague-r; Prague-r

I don't care how much of a loser this makes me, especially when I should be living the life, taking in the sights, and etc, but 3 days without wifi has turned me into a mess. A twitchy, sniffly mess.

*hugs it again*

AND NOW I have loads of postings to do! What is this craic?! Prague, Venice, Milan? All to do. GAH.

I hope you enjoy the title of the post as much as I do, btw. I missed Patrick in Prague by a week! Stalking fail.

SO YES! All I did was wander about for a day....I pretty much saw everything though, including a bit of a football march/riot effort. Which was interesting. And scary. Football fans, man, mental. Day 2 was spent sat in the train station cos I couldn't find anywhere to leave my bag! Sigh. I'll do a Venice & Milan post soon (possibly later today, if indeed I have nothing else to do.)

Moving on... Prague pavements are pretty cool! They're all patterned and whatnot. Vidi:

Errrrm right, what did I do. Walked from hostel into town, down street with loads of designer stores (check out the building that Prada is in!), into the main sqaure deely, round some streets via a few 2nd hand/vintage/independant stores, then up to the castle via some random garden with peacocks an ting. So, MASSIVE photodrop? I thought so. Including: crazy tree sculpture!

That last one was this crazy manmade stalactite thing in the Gardens of the parliament building; I had to check it out cos I saw it from the castle and it looked like hundreds of mental statues. I was actually a bit disappointed to find that it wasn't!

I still miss Berlin (etc.) Peaked too early; i heard.

Everyone in Europe either has a mac or a TEENYTINY laptop. I want to know what the craic is with this trend.

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