Thursday, 15 October 2009

four hours in venice

I left my case at the baggage place, I booked my reservation to Milan, I wandered. Some nice man took my picture cos I took his. Nice to to this.

It fucking rained.


I know it's October, but really.

I, apparantly, bring the weather with me wherever I go - it rained in Amsterdam; it rained in Berlin; it rained in Prague; it rained in Venice. It didn't rain in Milan! And thus far not in Rome! (In fact it was reet warm today. Well, just nice, not too hot. Good times.) But Liam informs me Paris is chilly. :(.

So yeah, I just wandered in the bit rain, and tried to find some wireless (to no avail), and had a mini pizza from some shop and a coffee in another and talked to a woman who told me to go to somewhere in Milan that I never did go to cos I wasn't there long enough...



mam said...

There is too much language in your postings these days ><

Luke said...

Ahhh! It's so pretty! I want a canal garden...