Saturday, 17 October 2009


I will get back to updating properly in Barcelona, hopefully. When photos aren't taking 20 minutes each to upload. Ergh.
Also ergh? Hungover. I woke up with 25 minutes to pack up my crap and check out. Good job they're lenient here. I turned up at quarter past. I have had fried food, and water, and I plan to go get a pizza in a bit. It's all good. I'm not friends with wine right now.

Milan! I was on a bit of a downer the little time I spent here. I didn't know how to get to my hostel and I couldn't find any internetz to get the directions, and I missed home, and that boy, and I'd had enough of dragging my case up stairs. And one of the wheels got a split down it so I'm living in fear that it will break. EEP.
But I done a shower and a cry and I put some clothes on and went into the city centre. It cheered me up a bit.

One one hand, I wish I'd had more time in Milan (I literally had one night and then my train to Rome was the next morning...) but on the other hand I think I would've been in a funk and I had to move on. I've been much MUCH happier in Rome kthnks.

I only got to see the main square, really. And the inside of Zara. Nowhere has thigh high boots! I'm assuming they're all sold out.

Here are some photos!

There was a dog at the hostel, which also cheered me up no end. He was all cute and fluffy and little but not yappy (I'm picky about dogs, yeah?). I did try to get a photo but he wouldn't bloody stay still for 5 seconds so this is the best I got, which isn't very good at all and is mostly a picture of me and some fluff.

Awwww he was so cute!

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