Wednesday, 21 October 2009

barcelona; day 2

I do not want to talk about the 15 hour bus ride, no siree bob. I will say, I enjoyed the crazy customs guy who boarded the bus just outside of Paris (bit late dude, we've been in France for quite some time now), but not as much as I am enjoying this latte + pumpkin soup + beef casserole with wild rice in the bar of my Paris hostel. I need a shower. And to get changed. But eating a proper meal was nice.

So yeah! I went back to Placa Espanya and to a museum around them parts and that was pretty much are some photos of said stuff. Would I be right (and I am directing this question at one Daniel Gourley) in thinking there was an ANTM final held on these steps? I seem to think they came to Barce one cycle. Shrug.

You get a bonus pic of me doing a silly face there.
I thought these lights in CaixaForum (the museum I went to) were really awesome - the way it's lit is really interesting, no? It's an exhibit of Islamic art, fyi.

AND SINCE THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FASHION BLOG OF SORTS... are some outfit type things. (I'm still wearing this outfit. Stupid bus. I need to go shower and change.)


Daniel Gourley said...

i believe it was cycle 7, caridee's cycle, the runway where they had to run along that Park G├╝ell and scream and ting. but yes it was used in antm, but not those steps i dont think. xx

mam said...

You look gorgeous!! 15 hours on the bus or not ;) MWAH! xxx

Lou said...

you know the first pics? my hotel was round the corner from that :) woo!