Friday, 18 September 2009

S/S 10, Part Due

The second portion of NYFW - the final installment shall occur tomorrow, then its on to London times!

I enjoy the pearly queen vibe in the first look; as well as the monochromatic seaming vibes throughout, as seen in the second look.
This net/seam/cutout/almost tattoo-esque thing thats going around is pretty awesome. Am I right in thinking this is something that started with McQueen resort?? I know Drew Barrymore had been parading about in it lately, and looking fabulous....

I feel like Rodarte are a Only because this is another season with lots of deconstruction and fabric manipulation, and if you're not a fan of that then you're not a fan of Rodarte. Now, I am a fan of these elements of design, but I don't find myself in adoration of this collection or indeed Rodarte in general, and I can't put a finger on why that is.
I do, however, LOVE the birdcage-esque strapping on the second and third look, very reminiscent of the Beijing Olympic Stadium...
The tribal/tattoo styling is kinda awesome too.

Max Azria
If ever there was proof that the bloggers are influencing the fashion world, I think this is it...
Much has been written of etsy store Norwegian Wood of late, and if looks 3 and 4 here are anything to go by, it seems the cage skirt is making its way into the public eye in a bigger way...
This cage-y thing is happening at Phi, too, I notice...

Christian Costa
MASSIVE FAN of this collection! And yet again with the blogger influences - chain harnesses and such body jewellery are earning their internet inches all over, and were incorporated into the styling on some of the looks here.
But I'm a fan because of all the nudes! Greys and creams are a wonderful combination.
Also on show? Sheer floral playsuit of awesomeness; long sheer cardigan type affair; printed corset with white piping; yet more cutout/cobwebbing. Also, J'ADORE the ruching on the first skirt. J-ACTUAL-DORE.


I feel I should special mention the Anna Sui and Yigael Azrouel shows this season - my good friends/coursemates Clare and Emma (respectively) helped at these shows - apparantly Clare and Anna are like this now *crosses fingers* and one of her headbands was used in the show (I don't know which headband, if it indeed was used in the end. Don't recognise any. Shall enquire....)


Anonymous said...

I liked the Christian Costa collection you have up, the first pic is very char from sex and the city. My must have would be the sixth pic in with the long sheer cardie like thing :)

Anonymous said...

That was from me Gemma lol stupid comment box