Saturday, 19 September 2009

S/S 10, Part Tre

Hmmmmm NYFW is over for another 6 months, so it's on to LFW today! Woot! I know people working there too; and I found out yesterday I have connections meaning I could've got tickets to season, I am going to abuse these connections.
Anyways; onto the awesome.

Proenza Schouler
There's a certain slouchy, 'just threw this on' kinda feel here that I like, particularly with the colour blocked trousers in the first look and the shirt dresses in 4 and 5 - the way the skirts fall and layering in look 5 is interesting. I don't know why, but I can't think of the top underneath as a top, and I keep referring to it as 'arm leggings'.....weird.
And I NEED the skirt in 6 IN MY LIFE!

Isaac Mizrahi
I would never have pegged myself as a Mizrahi fan; per se, but I included him in my Resort round-up, and here he is again...
There is, again, a wonderful slouchy/drapey feel here. The skirt in look 2 reminds me of A/W09 Balenciaga, somewhat, but the shade is gorgeous, as is the dress in look 1, and the pouf skirt in look 5.
The man has a thing for polka dots (I recall a white gown in the Resort collection with small polka dots...), and while I think sometimes they can look a bit....not cheap or tacky, but...high street? Maybe? Or...well, I tend to associate polka dots with emo/scene/goth kids so I guess that's what I mean. Erm, yes, so, point being, Mizrahi can take a polka dot and make it look much more high end, vidi the polka-net skirt in look 6. Much love.

Tommy Hilfiger
A brief mention here, purely for the colour combos. Epicly pale pink with midnight blue (not quite navy, but certainly dark. Stunning. One of my favourite shades.) make for a fantastic combo, and the all blue outfit works on so many levels. Loving the texture mix.

Calvin Klein
Another minimalist outing for Francisco Costa, although IMO not as strong as previous seasons. I did enjoy the looks with the grey and threadbare patches (as look 3). Very organic feeling, and an interesting way to incorporate the sheer look/bring threadbare into the high end...

Not a massive fan of the collection here as a whole - in the sense that nothing gracing the top half, nor any of the dresses particularly wowed me, but the leggings? The leggings were amazing.
Structural, cutout, with toe-posts, with sheer panels? Everything. I'm just gonna let the photos do the talking.

...actually, I lie. The looks I picked out to post I chose because I liked the look as a whole. The dress in look 4 is rather hot, as is the jacket in looks 2 and 5. And the work on the top in look 6 is interesting! Love for the ol' sculptural pieces.

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