Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ankle Boots Will Never Be Low Brow

So, other than describe the weather and how it makes me happy when it stars to be cold and rainy, I have actually done stuff today.
Such as, deciding to get out of bed (at a decent hour, no less) and get dressed, and have a shower, and leave the house!
This neatly coincided with my newest eBay purchase being ready to be picked up from the post office. Handy, that.


Oh so 90s, oh so chunky, oh so awesome. Oh so....doesn't go with this outfit. I will shove em with some stuff later, probably. But for now I'll leave em under my window as part of the boot parade, and shall continue to look for some thigh high black boots to add to my collection.
Also had an utterly delicious coffee at Heaton Perk. It is likely that I will, at some point, blog about t'Perk, as it is amazing and awesome, and always has the weekend papers available. Which is super awesome, when they include the style supplements and/or Stephen Fry-based articles.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, some more of the outfit. Or, one more of the outfit (minus the 'going outside' paraphernalia).

Comfortable, practical (for me, anyway) but uplifting....would be a really pretentious way to describe it. Mostly, as with any day, I picked the dress up off the floor and threw some other items on with it. Made me forget about the fact I can hardly breathe through my nose for all of 5 seconds, anyway.

Now, back to this wonderfully crispy bacon toastie! The perfect autumn accompaniment.*

*I am no longer eating the bacon toastie, as I drafted this hours ago, before I found Aaron's camera cable. But it was amazing. Trust me on this.


mam said...

Two words re the cold - Vicks, and Sinex.


jenn said...

i have them!

Anonymous said...

I love you