Friday, 4 September 2009


DIY time!
I was making this at this exact time last week, and I wore it out as a complete outfit on the night (approx 2 hours after I'd finished).

I bought some cream jersey from eBay, for a different project, but it wasn't right for that and I came up with a new design - a jersey pencil skirt with chunky zip and a bias cut, assymetric cropped vest. Thing.

So, I have no pics of it in the making process, but there are literally hundreds of the completed pieces - both together, styled individually, and as worn last Friday, (and subsequently commandeered from the Digital website).

Feather, a gift from Luke; Gloves, eBay; belt, Primark; Boots, eBay

Top, ASOS; Necklace, H&M; Leggings, Topshop vis placement; Boots, Priceless

Tee, H&M; Blouse, charity shop

Beret, some store in Australia; dress, charity shop; ancient. Claire's Accessories?

Hat & Belt, charity shops; Harems, Oasis

I adore this photo.
It is my profile pic on facebook.
It's not even that flattering, but it looks a lot like me and Daniel just got 'papped' coming out of a club. Which I enjoy.
(We were infact, caught on camera by the Digital camera man, getting down from the stage bit in the Other Rooms. Just so you know.)

The skirt was modelled on a pencil skirt I have, but it could really do with a bit of adjustment - the zip definately needs putting in again, cos it's a bit bumpy. =/. I was never any good at zips. I'm not a very good fashion student, really, am I?
But I did put the zip upside down, so I could unzip it a little way if I wanted the equivalent of a vent, which I thought was a cute idea.

The vest was meant to have binding all the way round cos I just got my binding foot, but I didn't have time to finish that before we went out. I'm gonna need some more time to figure out my binding foot. I get the gist, but I need to figure out optimal width of bias strips and such....
As such, it just has zig zag stitching around the hem, which kinda looks cute.


mam said...

So that's your sewing project from last week! Tres nice! Oh - and you so ARE a good fashion student! xxx

Bryan :D said...

Especially metal zips (you might need a panel under it if you haven't already got prevent rippage lol!)
But v nice...I am envious that you have so much time/a sewing machine handy lol

jenn said...

noted! it's pretty strong cos its double layered (cos it's a bit see through on one layer, haha) so rippage shouldn't be a problem....just bumps zip syndrome.