Friday, 14 August 2009

Jungle Cats

Yes, it's past midnight and I'm posting.
Yesterday's (Wednesday's....) wanderings into town with Aaron and Gemma. I enjoy Gemma's jacket (and leopard shoes, co-ordinating with me subconciously), and as we all know, I always enjoy Aaron's wardrobe choices.

Waiting for them to get ready means gratuitous posing in the alley! Wahey!
This is the new leopard print dress, plus patterned scarf (the only scarf I own)...I need a black one, but this wasn't too bad, hmm? Wearing flats for once too! Gemma was pleased with this because it takes twice as long to walk into town when I'm in heels. Tough luck my friend, it's platform boots time tomorrow.

Regarde! My awesome glasses case what was 50p off of a charity shop! (Oh, and my sunglasses)

Also, here is some corned beef and potato pie, which me and Dean made. Be (I did the pastry/leaves, Dean is hastened to add he bought the corned beef AND mashed the potatoes, AND put the filling into the pastry....)

I'm going to see Coco Before Chanel tomorrow! Yesssss. Finally!
And hopefully, HOPEFULLY, Inglorious Basterds next week :D
I might as well move to the Tyneside, I'm there so much......

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mam said...

ROFL that sign behind Aaron looks like it says 'Gherkin' XD

Ooo hope you enjoy Chanel - I just knew you'd go see that! It's ages since I've been to the cinema, last time was with you! Hope you enjoy it xxx