Saturday, 4 July 2009

Resort 2010; Part Five

What I would consider my top three, I suppose.

Stella McCartney

Stella gets a lot of flack, but essentially she what it comes down to is that she used an opportunity to her advantage and has done pretty well out of it.
If she was a bad designer, I could understand the backlash. But bitch knows how to cut a suit! As such, how can you be so harsh?
This collection was cute, flirty and wearable. Again loving the colour palette, the mixture of similar patterns, and the shapes - that black suit is so fresh and so NOW. Ace.

Yves Saint Laurent

The first two looks are absolutely perfect IMO. I have begun fabric sourcing for the slouchy trousers and the semi-sheer leggings. Just perfect! I actually can't add anything to that... other than the colours and layering and textures in the other pieces are also EXTRA AWESOME.
I have much love for YSL right now, especially after those glorious cage boots I so lust after.

Roksanda Ilincic

Draping, layers, sculptural skirts, a little metallic, sheer? All here.
The second look is very how I've been dressing (super gothic, but still chic. despite the heat) and certainly how I want to be dressing in the coming months. Fantastic collection, it's a very close run thing between Roksanda and YSL for my favourite this season.

Although I think it says something that while I admire Roksanda's super amounts, it's the YSL trousers and leggings I most want to recreate. Even though I already have kind of recreated the gothic look! Ooooo.

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