Monday, 22 June 2009

This Time Next Year We'll Be Millionaires. Please?

Firstly, drool.
Secondly, yum.
Thirdly, oof.

...and if I were to link all the things I want from Asos, we would now be on approximately 'twenty-firstly'.

This is, of course, my weekly "check-topshop-asos-and-miss-s-websites-to-see-if-there-are-any-new-RTW-styles-for-my-placement-report" ...thing.

Which inevitably becomes my weekly "wish-i-had-money-for-most-things-on-these-websites" thing.

Sigh. I need money.
I need something to do over summer.
I NEED THAT PAID SUMMER PLACEMENT. news on that front yet, although my phone is upstairs so you never know, maybes there's a missed call.
*checks uni email for 56th time today*

Anyhoo, for now I'll have to make do with the 27402957498352 things I've bought on ebay since I made some $$$ selling crap I no longer want. I say crap, it's all good quality stuff, obvs...
I'll wait till I've won all the things I want til I do a 'here's what I've bought recently' post, though.

Right, back to desperately trying to remember which website had the animal print bra to replace the one thats too big for me now...

(I'll wait till I'm on the train tomorrow for a 'this was my weekend' post, FYI.)

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