Saturday, 20 June 2009

Found Objects

Some things I've picked up on my internet travels recently...

A girl wearing the very same shoes I blogged about earlier this week - or at least some very similar. This pic only adds to my "these shoes are ace" stance, if anything.
Found at, which is my new favourite site, and has given me so much inspiration for styling/designs/outfits I've had to start sorting things into folders. (FYI, up until now they were all whacked into one file, which isn't handy for finding specific things, now is it?)

Rocks with googly eyes!
I don't know where they are from, I can't remember which blog I found them on, and I do not like this fact. But I believe they are necklaces, with googly-eyed rock pendants, actually. And clearly straddling the awesome/random divide beautifully.
I want the coppery one on the bottom right, he looks more whimsical than the others. 

Or the big dark green one.

More things should have googly eyes.

By Belle Sauvage, available at ASOS.


If you do not know why, you have not seen this:

Is your life not more enriched by watching that?

*Oh yeah, WANT. Not in pink though, they are VILE. To revue, black and gold = fit, pink = shit.

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