Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Family Affair

I have a lot to blog about, what with the weekend, and today's happenings, and recent purchases and such, but one thing at a time, ey? I'll leave something to blog about tomorrow.

This is much more a 'what I've done' post than anything, prepare for a number of family photos!

So Sunday was the Christening.
I was sure I had an outfit picture!
But apparantly not.
I think there's one on someone's camera, somewhere. I'll wait for facebook to throw it up.

Until then; Donna, John and baby Lewis at the church :)

Monday was Amy's 18th; me and mam went shopping during the day. I carried on the gothic vibe I was working on Saturday (and today...)

(Jacket from ebay; grey cardi from Uniqlo; dress from charity shop (Y); grey bodysuit from Topshop, via work; boots from Asos)

...and bought various things, all of which will be delved into at a later date. Note the obligatory myspace pose above. Classy.

And then, we went for a meal on the night, to Whitworth Hall (aka I can't remember the name of the pub at Whitworth Hall, it used to be Shaftos. Had a very nice/large curry)...

The eye tree! Freaky.
Lots of cute deer and squirrels (or squiggles, as we refer to them XD)!

So yeah, I came back on yesterday, and found myself sitting with 3 lads on the way to Glasto; via Brighton. They were alright, good craic like. Which is always appreciated when the sun is so bright you can't see your screen. ><.

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