Saturday, 6 June 2009

Systematic Honey; But We Got No Money

I didn't end up doing the planned walk - which was, FYI, from Kensal Rise to Portobello, all the way down through the market, down to Hyde Park and through there, then down to Victoria, then along King's Road and loop round via the Chelsea embankment til I got to a tube station/bus route.
I couldn't be arsed.
But I could be arsed to get dressed though, which is always good.

(Jacket: 2nd hand; Body: from work; Skirt: H&M; socks, which were supposed
to be ankle socks but due to their cheapness managed to lose their shape
in the wash: Primark; boots: vintage. + various necklaces)

I'm wearing my gaga body, snaffled from work. One long sleeve, cute futuristic shoulder detail, reeaaallly high cut legs. You can see it better in the pics further down. Course if I was going Gaga, I wouldn't be wearing a skirt, but no one needs to see that, really. GAGA TAKE NOTE.

Firstly I went to Camden, to the newly re-opened Oxfam (? it was a charity shop anyways) on Camden Road, which is/was full of vintage 'redesigns'.
There was some lovely lovely things, but they were all reallly expensive. I tried on some gorgeous creamy/yellow shoes, which had a red heel with a gold metal cut out pattern nailed on, which was stunning and so original, and they were in my size and not *too* spensive, but they had a slingback, and slingbacks tend to give me blisters. So I left em. Hmm.

But I did go to another charity shop 2 doors down and found a bag which is perfect. I've been looking for an over body bag big enough to carry my laptop plus other things, for the Europe trip. And was looking for a satchel type affair, but yeah. Perfect. And only £6.50.

Then I went to Portobello (via Ladbroke Grove, not Kensal Rise), and continued my trend for only buying accessories at the market... Got this watch...necklace...thing; lush. It pops open.

Oh, and some fudge (one bar of mint chocolate and one of malteser, if you must know.) *munches some fudge*.
It's good, but it's not as good as the fudge you can get at the shop on the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh*, which is AMAZING and I would literally go to Edinburgh just for that fudge. I don't even love fudge that much, thats how god the 'burgh fudge is, man.

Anyhoo, so far so almost to plan, til I got to Notting Hill Gate and the 52 rolled up and it goes to Victoria, so yknow, I got on it. Walk through Hyde Park in the drizzle? Nah like.

I had it on good authority** there was a couple good vintage/charity shops in the vicinity, as was my purpose for today. I found Retromania. It had a £6 and under rail outside...I was already in love.

On said rail I found a blue pleated skirt (£2) and a pair of high waisted navy trousers (£3 and awesome), which are pinned below cos I'm gonna taper them a little more, and give them a turn-up.

Can you tell which one is the mirror shot? I lol'd at the fact that my body looks like its on different shoulders...

I then found this inside:

It's a 70's slip (£10), and it is AWESOME. A little sheer, but so so versatile. Its my new favourite item of clothing. It's pinned up there ^

This is one of my fave jackets, btw. It was one of those chance finds in a charity shop. Oversized, slouchy, but not too big on the shoulders, and only £2 cos it was when I worked at Cancer Research last summer. Brilliant.

Needless to say, when I got home, I had a lot of fun and wasted a lot of time playing dress up and then clearing my bedroom floor again.


Tomorrow I'm off to Brick Lane and surrounding area in the morning, finally. I figure with only 3 weekends left down here (technically there are 4 but i'm back home for t'christening in 2 weeks), I should probably do the sunday upmarket at SOME point. I've been meaning to go since February...
Again checking out recommended shops, but this time in the east end. Good times. And then to Earl's Court, for Graduate Fashion Week. Me and Bailey are going to the Northumbria show, which is exciting/damn scary, in a oo fashion show/ARGH that'll be me in 2 years kinda way.

*You have no idea how long it took me to find out what that damn boat was called. I had no idea, I just knew you got to it through some big shopping centre, and it had something to do with the Queen. *shrug*. I have no idea why there is a fudge shop on it, but I'm glad there is.

** aka Style Bubble's London shop guide, which lists a trillion good shops, including charity shops, vintage shops, and designer discount shops. ACE. Obvs noted the good sounding ones down, innit.


Mam said...

I had that 70s slip!!! :O

Kwany said...

you look so small :P