Saturday, 6 June 2009

And another thing!

This girl's bag is awesome.

Actually her whole outfit is cute.
I found her on, which is one of my new favourite sites. One of those 'check em every day' types. I want to join, but its invite only (oh hai exclusive ¬_¬), so if any of the 3 of you who actually read this has an invite, let me know, yeah? 

Also, Kim finally uploaded her London pics earlier this week and this one was alll for me, cos this was on Monday when my camera had died:

99% certain this was the new Burberry campaign; they were shooting at Trafalgar Sqaure. That trench is GORGEOUS. It's short at the back and long at the front and I covet it something rotten. Would gladly trade my normal, albeit vintage mac plzkthanks.

....I just found Tallullah sitting in the bathroom. She is an odd creature. I should've taken a pic.

OH and I still have things on ebay, they finish tomorrow :D And I'll probs be adding new things tomorrow, yupyup.

Rights. Now to eat fudge and watch a crappy quality version of the Prince of Egypt cos I have the urge to watch it but my DVD is in Newcastle, not here. Hmph.

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