Saturday, 6 June 2009

This Week..

...I've been having an awesome time at work, pretty much. I did some photoshopping, I am now clearly awesome at it XD
I'd post what I'd done, but best not, incase it goes into production. Hehe.

This is pretty much a catch up post, before I go out today. I have a massive walk planned, I don't know if I'll actually do it though given the weather.

Currently watching Mary, Queen of Charity Shops, hah, reminds me of my time at Cancer Research last year. All the little old ladies. Aww.

Oh oh! And I'm up on the Imagebook website, finally. Citin. 

1 comment:

Mam said...

Ooo you look amazing on that pic - the colour is fab on you! Glad you got it sorted chick, enjoy the walk xx