Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Another busy day on Sunday, followed by two full days at work. Needless to say I am enjoying this day off muchly.

So I went to Brick Lane on a Sunday, finally.
I took a pic of my outfit while waiting for the bus, too, cos that's how I roll.

Meant to find the East End Thrift store, mostly cos they had a 'fill a bag for a tenner' type thing, and in true jenn style, coudn't find it cos I didn't go far enough along the road. This is Beyond Retro all over again, tch. I might go sometime next week, I dunno yet.

Anyhoo. I bought a bag I've since decided I don't like...bad times..but I didn't buy anything else, so yeah. I also found a few stylish folk to wap up on here but I'll give them they're own posts, I think. 'citin.
Oh, I also so these bags, which were very cute:

And then I went to Earl's Court, and met Bailey, and buzzed off to GFW.
We chatted to the tutors, and some other people off our course, and wandered around a few of the stalls. Caught some awesome shoes on one, but didn't note down which college/uni they were from. Oh dear.

Awesome shoes, though, no?

So then we plonked ourselves down in the second row for the Northumbria show. If you're wondering how ace sitting in the second row at a fashion show is: it's pretty damn ace.

Now for a bucket-load of photos. I tried to take pics of all my favourite looks, although I just realised I didn't take any menswear.
I think this must have been a subconcious thing, in some "I do womenswear, I only need to take pics of womenswear" kind of mentality, which is actually really sad, cos not only was there was some fantastic menswear, but one of the models looked like one of my friends. Hehe.

Nicola Morgan


Ruth Davies

Such cute styling, I adore the socks soooo much.

Sarah Keith

Some gorgeous tailoring here, I loved the mustard/navy combo.

Charlotte Levy

That model looks like Shannon from Lost. Fact.
I liked the colours in that one too...

Stephanie Butler

Cut outs and layering! The coat at the end was awesome. This was my only problem with the show, the model with the last look of the collection didn't stop walking for long enough to take a pic. All the other models walked back down the the bottom and waited until the other models had all walked and then they all walked off in formation (lovely, girls, really.)

Rio Maddison

I literally sat going "I could see Lady Gaga in that" the whole time this collection was going down the catwalk. One of those awesome-but-purely-for-the-art/drama-not actual clothes.

Alison Winstanley

Layered street wear in luxe fabrics. Gorgeous AND wearable!

Emilia Boulton

Look! It's Lianna from Britain's Next Top Model! (The one who won to Abbey Clancy's 2nd place in season 2, incase you were unaware.)

Sally Bound

How very Matthew Willamson.
Which is appropriate, really, cos he's one of the judges this year....

Jennie Harvey

Sparkly beaded tights! Genius!!
I think this was my favourite, all brocade and velvet and gorgeous shades of blue, cream and gold.
She even has the same name as me XD

I hope I managed to match the names up with the pics, I'm relying on my little lookbook - which only has one look from each collection in it so if I didn't take a pic of that piece I'm not 100% on it - and the piece of paper with the running order of students on it...
So yeah.



Mam said...

That top pic of you - you look like Agyness XD

And baby don't worry - two years is eons away yet - and you will be brilliant!! xx

Loveoo loveoo missoo missoo xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Ive noticed you have my name on the bottom collection, its not mine, the girls name is Jennie Harvey! Just thought you should know. x

jenn said...

Thanks! Changed it ^_^
Congrats on graduating though! :D