Thursday, 11 June 2009

Smells Like Early-20s Spirit

Jeeez early 20s. Still not used to not being a teen, 7 months on. Meh.

So my docs came XD

They are awesome.

Oh yeah, I clearly didn't blog about my change in decision re: what colour to get - I was hesitant to get black ones cos they'd be too similar to my black buckle boots I wear alll the time; but then it occured to me, the style of boot doesn't go with everything, and by getting a colour I'd be limiting that so much more, I might hardly wear them, which would be pointless. So I decided to get black 10 holes, which go higher up the leg, ergo they are different enough from my other boots that its allll goooooood.

So yeah.
Here they are with some outfits: the first one is grunge-tastic, I might as well have gone back in time to the early 90s. The second is what I wore to go to the post office (ooooo exciting ¬_¬) earlier. (Posting ebay sales, yesyes.)

I have no idea why the first one is so blurry....apologies.

Pic 1: Pyjama top, ahaha, oh yes. Vintage Levis, Black knee socks....I do not know where these are from.
Pic 2: Oversized blazer ♥, brown pleated vest from work, vintage blue pleated skirt.

Speaking of shoes, here are some beauties I came across earlier today :D

Pics from Jak +Jil Blog

I have no idea how you would walk more than about 3 metres in these but clearly some people have managed it.

Oo, in other VAIR EXCITING news, I got the idea to email a couple of places in Newcastle about journalism/styling experience, in addition to my design experience down here, and hopefully some graphics experience at some point this year.
Anyhoo, I emailed the student magazine (cos yknow, i am one, and I'm part of the uni, if anyones gonna let me do a feature it's them), and The Crack, which for non-northern types, is a pretty widely available free mag in the North.

So today I got an email from The Crack saying they already have a fashion section, called What & Wear, but if I had any ideas for content for this section for the August issue, they'd be interested to hear it! Wheeeeeee!

So know I'm trying to think up something - interesting websites, shops, items, looks; hopefully to do with the north, maybe new shops or new labels, whatever - to pitch them about.
I have no ideas.

I'm now going to spend the rest of the day pissing about on Photoshop, seeing what I can come up with in terms of new illustrations....

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