Saturday, 20 June 2009

Every Living Thing, Pushed Into The Ring

...fight it out to wow the crowd

I am very into Metric's new album.

I haven't written about what I'm actually up to in a while...
So today I'm on the train home for Lewis' christening tomorrow, and to take as much stuff as possible back so I don't have to bring everything next week.
There was the cliche sitting on the case.
I was glad no one saw me do this, I feel acting out cliches is not a good thing whatsoever.

Although I feel it may be repeated next week....le sigh.

My faith in nice, kind, helpful Londoners was restored also - I know the assumption is they're all rude and generally not nice but there are at least 4 exceptions to this rule. The nice men who collectively helped me off the bus at Finsbury Park, stopped to let me cross over the road to the station, helped carry my bag down the steps at the station, and onto the actual tube to King's Cross - thankyou.

Oh, and then I made it onto the train with seconds to spare and had to drag my case through 3 carriages to get to my seat. Bad times.

And the outfit I chose to do all this in?
Gothic times, my friend:

Leather jacket, aka one of the reasons I'm now poor, from eBay; vintage dress
from Camden, vintage belt and boots from Brick Lane.

So now I'm on the train and the only thing I can think to do is blog and trawl eBay.

I haven't really done anything in the past week, apart from work at placement and Kasia's leaving party last Friday. We went to Bloomsbury Lanes, which, if you haven't been, is a 50's style diner/bar/bowling alley at which I sucked majorly at bowling (no bumpers, y'see. I'm crap without them, can't bowl in a straight line.) and got somewhat drunk (4 cocktails, since the company was paying and all). And then some of us went to Hackney, to a pub whose DJ was playing an awesome/mental mix of tunes. They might as well have plugged in my iPod, such was the randomness. Beyonce (Single Ladies ♥) and Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit) were the ones I remember mostly.

And then I stayed at Laura's, whose room closely resembled a sauna.
I realise I haven't really mentioned Laura before, she's the girl I'm sharing my part time with on placement, and she's also on my course.

There are many photos on facebook, but here is a smattering for your viewing pleasure.

That's enough of that then.

Debating spending stupid money on train food. I wouldn't, but I'm starving.....hmm.

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