Thursday, 28 May 2009

ode to... Pixie Market

So this is an idea I have for times when there's not much to blog about: ode to...
Which is pretty much gonna be a post about a shop/blog/website/tv show/band/album/thing I'm particularly loving right then.

So yeah

Is an online shop, although there is a physical store in New York ^_^ I only discovered it via work, cos it's a source of inspiration for the designers and stuff.

It's pretty awesome :D
Although loads of things sell out quickly, and it's pretty expensive....feh, the stuff is too nice!

Those boots are pretty awesome (and only about 60 quid). As is the cuff (it may cost more, though.)

I decided to put the skirt/dress/thing on ebay, I need the money more than I do a long skirt. Plus theres some stuff I want from ebay now...isn't there always.

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