Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ooh, Betty!

So it's been a week or so since I've posted, due to being in Newcastle for a long weekend/being a Lost obsessive/laziness (mostly the third option).

But as it goes, it's been fairly busy...
in the last week I have gained several pairs of shoes and lost one irreplaceable pair, been out for a meal 3 and a half times, been to a party, and had a night out, spent 2 days in bed watching/reading about lost/ugly betty, bought/started to learn the guitar, and wasted a day on the Sims (literally wasted since Luke's computer decided to erase all his hours of building our house and creating us all as sims, as well as creating Kim and Dan, making them into vampires, and building them a magnificent Goth I wish we had pictures. Actually, there are some on facebook! So yeah).


Thursday morning, I made my half 8 train and got to Newcastle and gave my room a quick clean and went to buy some food and went into town for coffee with Gemma et al, and took my shoes to the cobblers - herein lies the gaining of shoes since I couldn't wear a good 8 pairs of them until this point...herein also lies lack of one pair, as the cobbler says 'come back for these ones tomorrow' and when i get there on friday he has somehow managed to take the soles off and not be able to get them back on - all that needed doing was one needed nailing down a bit, goddammit!!
I was not best pleased, to say the least.

We went for steak and cocktails on Thursday night, to TGI (our regular eatery) which was good times.

Friday was lost to the Sims. Of course. And once I'd picked up Luke's guitar (nee, Aaron's guitar...), I was hooked. Oh dear.

Saturday was a Nando's with wine, with Mam (see here chatting away on the phone; how dare)

...followed by picking Kim up from town and going back to mine, giving her the bag of clothes I'd taken up for her, and commencing partay-ing, which mostly involved Luke stealing the stripy leggings and proceeding to look like a div.

It were ace. Playing 'I Have Never' = good times, if anything.
Needless to say, Sunday was the first of the two days spent in bed watching stuff on telly. Heh.

Monday was spent in Stateside with Dean, and then hastily deciding that actually yeah, I did want to go to Coop, and heading out with Luke, Aaron and Mika (his nickname, sadly. He does look like Mika though.) for dancing and drinkies and waiting for half an hour for a taxi. Boohissboo. (I made my train, on Tuesday morning, after 4 hours sleep.)

There was a girl had an ace outfit, I wish I'd got a photo when she had her jacket on, good mix of patterns and stuff. Yeah. I do have some pics with her on but you can't really see her outfit, pointless! I believe, she has a houndstooth, or possibly just checky, jacket with rolled up sleeves, a short stripy top and a high-ish waisted studded skirt. Ace.

Oh, here's Luke picking me up at Coop. Clearly this is how we dance XD

More hasty decisions came in the form of buying a pink guitar, while waiting for Luke to dry his hair, which coincidently was from a shop on Green Lanes. I picked her up yesterday afternoon, she is called Betty, and she is awesome.

This is the outfit I wore when I went to pick her up (well, all day Tuesday, yknow). I felt unspeakably cool walking back home with my guitar on my back.
Haha, loser.

This was a very recapped post...
...this is partly cos most of my friends were there, they know what happened! And partly because I decided about 4 hours ago to start watching Lost from the beginning and episode 4 has just loaded and I'm itching to watch it. =/.
This is pretty much all I have done today, slept and read about Lost. 'kin hell, I need a life.

As a side note, hundreth episode of Lost: amazing, no? Though Faraday! Not loveable Twitchy!! I shall miss him, so so much. :(.
I am so addicted, I was reluctant to agree to go to Pizza Express tomorrow night, for Bryony's last night in London, cos it means I'll have to wait a few more hours to watch it....

...i have issues. (And I AM going out, after all.)

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