Saturday, 9 May 2009

Lost & Found

Lost refers to....Lost.
Which is clearly the best thing on TV, despite the fact that a) this week's episode wasn't the best and b) I watch it online, not on TV, as with...everything I watch.

Found refers to this picture: 

Which is of Luke, and also the girl from Monday night in her entire multi-patterned outfit! Her name is Kate, btw. And clearly she is the girl with the big hair and the leopard print jacket (not houndstooth,  which is what my memory dragged up.)

Oo, Lost could also refer to the losing of one of the London clan - Bryony went back to York today :( her placement is over! I've still got 2 months here!!! Unfair. We went to Pizza Express last night to..celebrate? With pizza, and a bottle of wine, and some cake (Y). But yeah, she only came down a week before me, stupid part time *kicks it*

Although, Bailey just got a 6 month placement at John Lewis (which is paid. UNFAIR.), so she'll be here LONNGGGG after I come home. Might nip down around my birthday for a night out, can't beat a messy night in Camden.

Speaking of messy, I've just eaten half a bar of Green & Blacks. Oh dear.

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