Friday, 29 May 2009


I found duck egg blue Docs! I squealed when I saw them...

But then about 5 mins later I realised they probs wouldn't go with much and decided I'd stick with electric blue :D

Yep yep, methinks thems the ones.

...that is literally all I have to say today, I've not done/seen anything blog worthy.

I came across this jewellery site which has some awesome things.

I totally want both of these, but a) they're expensive, b) I probs wouldn't wear them and c) That chain ring would totally get in the way of everything.
Fierce though.
Scorpio(n)s are clearly awesome ^_^

Oh yeah, shameless plug, I put loads of stuff on ebay, if you wish to check it out, click the pic below!


Mother Goose said...

I miss the I am Sam Dakota Fanning. I wish she would come back. Not sure how I feel about the grown up version.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, a bit of parsnip legs going on here - I think the hemline of that nasty is hitting you in the wrong place for your shape of leg.

jenn said...

the purple skirt? yeah bbz, thats why its on ebay :D i got it from work, its always hit and miss but i bring back anything i like and see if it suits me/fits when i get home, its all good.