Thursday, 28 May 2009

Controversy, thy name is Doc

Earlier today I posted this on facebook, and..well you see the response.*

Docs are chunky and not at all feminine, yeah, I do have eyes, I know this.
What this makes for is either a) a punky as hell outfit, black skinnys, maybe with a blouse and a tailored jacket, or b) an awesome mix of styles with a girly dress, or some florals, or a skirt and sheer blouse...
Ooo I have so many styling ideas right now.

Note in the above debate, it was never a question of getting them, it was a question of colour. I was leaning towards cherry red, originally, but now I think metallic blue (nice and worn, second hand from ebay, thats the way to do it) may be the way to go.

As if to prove their awesome-ness, here is some Doc related imagery. Agyness looks awesome, as always. (Well, as nearly always.) Dakota Fanning looks cool too (yes she's like 14, what of it. And yeah she's in a magazine, but there's also photos of her out and about in em).

Oh yeah, and Daisy Lowe is like, official spokesperson for the company.

Also, anything Yohji Yamamoto is involved in is automatically good (if not necessarily my taste, oh hi Y-3).

Ahhhh awesomeness.

how i spoil you.

This is what I wore today, even if it was only to go to Sainsbury's for quiche-based ingredients.

(Trousers from Topshop, tee from H&M, Jacket/brooch from Camden
Market, flat shoes (!!!) from Primark (eurgh.), bag from charity shop)

I only realised when I was half the way down the road that I was all in linen, but I look pretty ace so whatevs.

Best go check on said quiche, ey?

*hopefully. If not, it involved me saying I wanted Docs but didn't know what colour to get and everyone I know telling me not to bother cos they don't like them. Never mind that I do, yknow.


Mam said...

And what is wrong with Primark, pray? ><

OK get the dammed docs. Be unfeminine :P

I stil luffs yer xxx

jenn said...

i like how you say that like i would've changed my mind had you not agreed.

My reasons for (now) hating primark are 3-fold
1. everything falls apart/looks really bad after a couple of washes
2. everyone has everything from primark, and do i look like i want to look like everyone else?
3. i actually fear oxford street primark. it is evil. it is wrong. i actually nearly had a panic attack last time i went in, its that horrible.

i dont deny that they alright stuff, even really cute stuff sometimes, but then everyone gets the nice things and then...well number 1.

Mam said...

My darling you have never ever wanted to look like everyone is so 'you' not to want to be part of the flock.

Not been to Primark for so long now...Matalan all the way ;)