Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

Tan lines, ahoy!
I went to Finsbury Park yesterday, read a book, listened to some tunes, took some timer pics, freaked some people out.

(Sunglasses: Peacocks, Jacket: Camden Market; Bikini: H&M, Dress: free from work, Belt: 2nd hand,
Shoes: New Look, Necklaces: Portobello Market. And..I don't know where the pearly ones from, actually.)

I'm totally into Lady Gaga right now (The Fame was said tunes).
It pains me to say this, cos a couple of months ago I couldn't stand her.
But her album is electro-pop genius. Her voice reminds me of Gwen Stefani in places, and god knows I love anything Stefani-based. I even went to see her over Interpol 4 years ago.*
It still mystifies me as to why she doesn't appear to own any trousers or skirts, though.

* Firstly, OMG THAT WAS 4 YEARS AGO WTF. Secondly, it was before I was a massive 'pol fan. Stefani wouldn't get a look in now.


Mam said...

Oh this looks soooo nice! I always wondered why you didn't like the GaGa, being as she was everything you liked, musically at least. I think she sounds a lot like Christina, too, spesh on Poker Face. I wondered what you were upto this weekend, hope you're ok sweetheart xxx

jenn said...

she does, yeah
its mostly the not wearing any bottoms that annoys me, i think. also we kept getting asos for things 'in the style of' her SOOO MUCH when i first started work, i didnt want to know about it any more.

Anonymous said...

>__< miss you... you look great.

Lady Gaga strangely, only speaks in riddles.